2010-3-12 18:05 - Erik and John are Helping with the New Members only Tool

Okay, so the new super secret members only tool is about 50 of the way to a beta release. Once released we will have lots of updates coming about a week at a time till we get everything where we want. What is this super secret tool you ask? Well, if I told you it wouldn`t be a very super secret anymore would it?

Anyways, lots to come.. stay tuned!

 2010-3-9 11:34 - New venues

So not a lot is new. A couple of us have been working on furniture and a motorcycle engine. Weird huh? Well, a few of us decided to try our hands at making some house furniture out of hardwood since it is so freaking expensive. So far so good.

Not to worry, we are still a mechanical oriented garage. In face we are currently working on wrapping up the milling machine setup and are in the process of rebuilding a motorcycle engine for my wife`s bike. Fun stuff!!!

In other news we are working on mudding and painting the garage so hopefully in a week or two it will be looking nice! If you want to come help, let me know.

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 2010-3-9 11:35 - Members Only Tool Coming

So, we have a new tool for members coming. By popular demand there will now be a page available only to members that allows those members to list their tools as well as search and browse other members tools. The hope is that this will help facilitate sharing of resources in a more organized manner. As with any venture of this kind, you list and share at your own risk :) Had to say it.