2009-11-28 13:48 - Water is FLOWING!!

I have found a new love... slip on plumbing fittings! These things rock. I had seen them plenty of times but had never tried them. Well, I am glad to report that they work GREAT!

Oh right... and the water is working in the garage now :) I dug out about 2.5 feet down and put on the 2 inch to 4 inch adapter. Next I wrapped the pipe from the adapter all the way through the floor with Raychem h612 self regulating heat cable and fiberglass insulation. Keep that puppy from freezing....

That done I cut into the water line, slipped one of those spiffy push on tees, stuck a valve inline and hooked it all up. My wife played helper via cellphone and turned the water on while I ran around and double checked for leaks. PERFECT!!! The water came rushing out....along with all the sand I had gotten in the line while installing it...and we are now in business!!!!

 2009-11-20 17:01 - Phase Converter.. WOOT!!!!

So not too long ago we picked up a 1.5HP Tosvert 130G2 Phase Converter. We needed to run a 2HP motor so it wasn`t big enough which was a huge bummer as it was a really nice unit. We decided to sell it on ebay to put the money towards a new one. I had just gotten it listed when something struck my eyes. Turns out the unit was mislabeled and was actually a 5.5HP unit. I called Toshiba to verify and we are golden!!!!

 2009-11-20 16:11 - Plumbing for drainage almost done

So the Danomeister and I got out under the garage addition last night and managed to put in almost all of the plumbing and vents for the sink and toilet drain. Still need to put in one vent, but once that is set all we will need to do is wait for the permit and it is go time!

 2009-11-5 5:32 - Almost done the news

....Which means that all this stuff I am entering will actually be readable.... weird...

 2009-11-5 3:40 - Sold the radial arm saw

A ton of progress has been made on clearing out the garage so that we have more room. I even sold the radial arm saw as it was seeing little use and just taking up space.

 2009-11-4 3:40 - Kitchenette Progress

Got some work done on the kitchenette in the garage. Looking awesome! Small double burner tabletop electric stove, microwave with convection oven and heating coils, nice neat little silverware drawer with good solid cheepo silverware.

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 2009-11-2 3:40 - Start of the website

I am working on adding a website for those who enjoy reading about these things and as a tool to provide a place to record our exploits and...hold on big scientific word coming...stuff! Eventually we hope to have a full forum and a place to put articles and news.

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