Member Support

The Monkey Wrench Garage of course costs money to run each month. We ask that members that regularly use the garage make a donation when they can to help offset the cost of utilities and consumables like plastic cups, shop towels, cleaning supplies and welding wire. Donations for consumables are awesome, but we still ask for some monetary amount IF you use the garage a lot, especially during the winter when utility costs shoot way up. If you are strapped for cash and can't donate don't sweat it; we will make it through. There is no set amount to donate; whatever you feel is fair that you can comfortably afford is great. If you want to donate more then normal, great, tell us what it is for or we can vote on how best to use it. Feel free to pass donations onto John or Myself or use the link below. Thanks for keeping this going guys!

Feeling Generous?

On occasion people ask how we afford to keep the garage running. Well, we pool our resources, do odd jobs on occasion, fix and sell things and do our best to be responsible stewards of what we have. We don't like to ask for monetary donations, and so we don't but people sometimes ask how they can donate. We appreciatte that.

When we receive donations it helps us to have a little less concerns about keeping things going. The donations may go to the monthly budget if one of our members is tight and can't pitch in for that month, or if we are blessed with an excess we may decide to use it to purchase a tool or equiptment we have been needing, improve the insulation or purchase parts to help fix someone in needs vehicle.

If you are feeling generous for no good reason other then the kindness of your heart and would like to make a contribution to the Monkey Wrench Garage then we will gladly accept. If you don't see us in person we have a handy little PayPal link below you are welcome to use and with our thanks! If you would like to request a specific way you would like the donation applied, please let us know and if we cannot honor that request we will contact you and return the money if you would like.

We also have a wanted list if you would like to see what equiptment, tools or supplies we are looking for.

Thank you! - The Monkey Wrenchers