2010-4-27 10:25 - Progress updates

So, as promised here are some pictures of the progress. I know I know, they are tiny pictures but that was the best I could do with the cellphone. My regular camera is buried at the moment.

Anyways, some more mudding done. More tonight hopefully. Some very cool new tools are being donated; very psyched about that!

We are currently also looking for some nice tool cabinets, specifically the grey and black ones like lowes sells. If you have any you want to get rid of cheaply shoot me an email!

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 2010-4-24 21:32 - Mudding Done

Okay, the ginger twins came by and gave me a bunch of help getting a solid start on the mudding. Way cool of them. Some more new tools in; Motorcycle bead breaker, motorcycle tire balancer and a few other things.

 2010-4-17 22:57 - Progress again

Okay, so TONS more room in the garage. Got rid of more stuff. Neatened up. Mill is 100 up and running! Lots of progress on the new super secret webpage members only tool.

More to come :)