2010-5-23 22:46 - Paint Pictures

So the garage is now roughly 1/2 way painted. It is also a lot cleaner. We still have a ways to go, and the ceiling is next, but what a good feeling to see things really coming together.

Here are some pics for you all!

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 2010-5-21 9:15 - 3/4s mudded and painted

Well, about 3/4s of the garage is now mudded and painted. Looking very nice. We continue to clean things out and add...more space! It`s a nice feeling to have room for a car and 2 or 3 bikes being worked on at once. Gotta love it!

 2010-5-10 18:47 - Painting has begun

So the Ginger Twins have been helping me with the mudding; so far so good. Not a ton left to go so I decided to do a little bit of painting. That place is gonna look awesome! Very excited :)

 2010-5-10 18:48 - Super Secret Tool Update

So, almost to beta version but keep having little minor bugs to work out. Why do I keep posting about this when you have no idea what it is? Because it amuses me of course.... moving on...