Tools, Equipment and Supplies Currently Wanted

If you have anything listed below and would be willing to donate or sell it to us at a reasonable price please contact us Here.

We welcome donations of tools or equipment even if it needs some work. There may be some things we are unable to accept, but if you have something, even if it isn't on the list, please contact us using the link above or contact page and let us know what it is. If possible please include a picture. We can of course come pick it up or arrange shipping.

Thank you! - The Monkey Wrenchers

  • FIBERGLASS INSULATION!!!! - Any thickness (r30+ is best but we can layer it) new or used as long as it is not mildewy, moldey or stinky.
  • 10ft or 11ft (would be a custom size) Steel Garage Door - We are looking for a thick, well insulated overhead door. Color doesn't matter as we can spray paint it.
  • Variable Frequency Generator
  • 80+ Gallon Air Compressor - We have a nice condition 30Gallon Craftsman Pro edition (Black) air compressor we would be willing to offer in partial trade if interested.
  • Motorcycle Jack
  • Tire Bead Breaker and Balancer - We are looking for a manual tire bead breaker and an old school rod and bearing based tire balancer.