2010-6-22 21:51 - New cabinets

So we have new steel cabinets. Nothing fancy but a little heavier duty and larger then what we had. I`ve been methodically stripping them down, straightening them up and getting them repainted. They look pretty good and should hold a lot more then the old ones.

 2010-6-16 16:34 - Hydraulic Press

So we finally have a nice new 12 ton hydraulic press to do ball joints etc with! Very nice gentleman down in Pittsford ended up with two and sold one to me for $75. So for all of you that kept asking when we would have one, come on over we have it!

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 2010-6-16 16:41 - Autobody week

Tons of car work going on this week. John is redoing his cars paint job - welding, straightening, filling and painting are all going on. I just finished redoing the motorcycle head bearings.

We also finally got in the 10mm gunson colortune so we can get Adam and Johns motorcycle fuel settings tuned.

Oleen has his dresser almost done and it looks great!

If anyone needs to get in there in the next few weeks give me a heads up so we can make sure we get you in the schedule as there is a lot going on right now!

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