2010-1-18 15:08 - The Milling Machine Lives

Yesterday we finished the test hookup for the milling machine and it fired right up just fine. We just need to put a longer line from the mill head to the phase converter and put a deeper switch box in and that will be all set.

I hope to neaten the garage back up this week so we can get back to our projects!

 2010-1-11 13:55 - Attic is Insulated

So the attic is now all insulated! JohnnyO came out and helped me wrap up insulating all the uninsulated spots. We still have a bunch of insulation we plan on rolling out across the top of what we just put in but that should be a quick job.

The phase converter is all in it`s new home but we had a set back. Apparently the brand new 10gauge 3with ground wire I bought has a short in it. No the short isn`t where I wired it as it is a solid run and with both sides disconnected we still have a short. Fantastic.... Once that is addressed the milling machine should be up and running :)

Until next time lol...

 2010-1-4 21:38 - Insulation Almost Done!

Well the insulation is almost done. I got out there early this morning and worked some more on the vapor barrier. My father came out later in the afternoon and between the two of us we got the rest of the barrier in place and most of the insulation done. Check it out!!! Should only be an hour or two work left to have it all tucked in and cozy like then time to do the rest of the mudding.

I also decided to change the cabling on the phase converter. I want a good emergency stop button location. I still need to get a good regenerative discharge resistor braking resistor so if anyone knows of one or has one they want to donate or sell, let me know!

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 2010-1-2 21:42 - Working on the Phase Inverter Installation

Picked up all the wire for the phase converter and got it all mounted to the wall. Hoping to have this up and running soon. Monday I am hoping to work on the insulation some more.

Okay, that was boring cut and dry. Oh well :) Hopefully we`ll have some good pictures up for you tomorrow.

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