2009-12-28 11:05 - Insulation still proceeding

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Don`t forget the reason for the celebration okay? So many people are so hung up on the commercial, self serving aspect of things this time of year....then they wonder why the season leaves them tired and depressed. It is a resounding social commentary when you think about it that this year there were barely any thanksgiving store displays, no real mention of it on television and no importance given to it. In fact when I went into a store 5 days before thanksgiving to get a thanksgiving movie (Charlie Brown) I couldn`t find it, not sold out, just moved to make way for the already setup commercial `x-mas` displays.

I heard people get offended that I would call it Thanksgiving. Seriously? Come on people. If it is offensive to you to take 1 day out of the year to give thanks (be it to God or just to be happy and grateful in general) so much that you won`t even call it Thanksgiving then please stay clear of me as I am afraid your pathetic, sniveling, self serving, ungrateful and absolutely disgusting in the most loathsome sense of the word attitude will even begin to rub off on me.

Well, Christmas was over by 1 day and already the Valentines day displays were up. Why? Because they can sell more stuff. I guarantee you that if it was a common thing to give Thanksgiving gifts that we would see displays for Thanksgiving some time around, oh, July 5th....

Off the soap box.....

Well, we are still slowly but surely making progress on the attic insulation. All the wood is torn out; most of the plastic is down. We still need to knock out the cover some genius put on the ends of the overhang. Seriously, the more I work on this garage and the house the more I want to go find the guy that did all this stuff and demand to know what in the world he was thinking. Oh well. I also sealed the entry door up much more nicely. Until we can replace it completely this will have to do.

No pictures yet but I will try to get some up shortly.

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 2009-12-21 21:52 - More Cleaning for Insulation

Nothing much new, lots and lots of cleaning, lots of crap on it`s way to the dump. I hope to have the insulation wrapped up by the end of the week.

 2009-12-18 10:41 - Subscriptions are now available

The moment I`m sure you have all been waiting for.... you can now subscribe to the news feed. This means anytime we add a new news article written in high definition, not so dolby digital, you will get a nice little email letting you know that we have done so. You can then sit in breathless wonder to read the latest piece of drivel, uh, intelligent communication we have put out.

Of course we will NEVER sell, rent, trade, share, give away or divulge your email address to anyone else. Not even `affiliates`. We HATE spam. We won`t do that. We also hate fine print `change the terms` garbage and won`t do that either. Honest.

 2009-12-17 20:34 - Rough day..

Okay, so today I get out in the garage to get some more attic insulation work. Right off the bat I am already looking around having to remind myself that sometimes you have to make a big mess to get something done.... then as I am reminding myself of this I walk into the heater room and....WHAT THE.... there is 12 and inch of water all over the floor and soaking the sheetrock. The floor is cold (even though the room is about 50) so most of it is ice.

Turns out the heater overflow had overflown....or however you say that in proper english....

I started with a shovel and broke out as much ice as I could then tried a hand-held heater and towels... to slow. One 60,000 BTU salamander and 3 hours later I got all of the ice melted, water cleaned out and sheetrock mostly dried out. So yeah, so much for getting more sheet rocking done...

 2009-12-16 11:09 - Insulation going in the attic

So last weekend I got up in the attic and started tearing out the storage area and prepping for insulation. John came over and ....amid lots of cutting ourselves on screws and cramming ourselves into tiny nooks while lying on our backs on rafters trying not to fall off and go through the ceiling... we got a good amount of plastic up.

Yesterday while I was out getting snow tires for the wife`s car she called to let me know John was in the attic doing some more work. Sweet! I hurried home to help and as I pull onto my road I see flashing red lights just a little ways in front of me. From the height and such I knew it was an ambulance. I thought of course, don`t let it be my house. So I got closer and sure enough, it was parked running in my driveway. Of course I imagined John falling through the roof and hitting the concrete and messing himself all up or something or my wife hurting herself. Fortunately I tend to be pretty laid back. I parked the car on the lawn in case the ambulance needed to get out quickly and headed in.

Turned out two of my buddies who are EMT`s decided to swing by as they were out doing `ice driving` training. Thanks guys.... so yeah, all was good and we all got a good laugh.

John got a bunch of prepping and plastic work done up in the attic and I made it out in time to do a little wiring work and get some stuff boxed back up. Very cool and mad props to John for getting so much done while I was gone.

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 2009-12-11 22:39 - Working on insulation tomorrow

Yeah....so not fun but hey, will be good when it is done....

 2009-12-8 13:10 - We have attic insulation!!

Craigslist rocks! A few days ago I found a guy with a bunch of R30 insulation he was looking to get rid of. Someone else was already coming to take it but he told me he would email me if the guy didn`t show. Well, he emailed me to let me know the guy took about half and I was welcome to the rest. Long story short, I got there and packed it all in garbage bags and crammed the car full. Wife, puppy, myself and a ton of insulation. That was the first lot. Thanks Dan!

Next I found another guy selling new insulation at $15 a roll or a deal on all 21 rolls. I emailed him and he told me $12 a roll. SWEET!!! Our co-president John pitched in $100 towards the total and I footed the rest. I went and picked it up after work. Turned out the guy had 22 rolls and a good chunk of a 23rd roll. Very nice people. Helped me get it all loaded, and his wife, over my protests, insured I had a band aid when I skinned my knuckle. Thanks Larry and Larry`s wife! I couldn`t fit it all in my car so my grandfather came with his car and helped me get the rest.

We now have enough for the whole shebang!!!

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